Elmley School House

Elmley School House can be found at the end of a strip of overgrown land on the Isle of Elmley. The strip of land is all that remains of the original Elmley Village surrounded by a clear landscape of protected marshes. The school house was constructed in 1885 by the University of Oxford and was to hold up to 86 children however in 1908 it had only 6 pupils. Due to the villages decline the school house was eventually deserted and now remains as a derelict and dangerous building. Most of the roof is missing leaving only the beams that are slowly rotting and collapsing and holes have appeared in the walls. All of the windows and doors are now missing and the nearby outhouse is in the same dangerous state. The school house was used by the children of the 30 or so houses within the village until the 1920’s when the school was closed.

Adjacent to this building is the site of St James Church that was rebuilt in 1853 with the register dating from the earlier building which was built in 1828. The building was also deserted and left to become a dangerous ruin, the church was finally demolished in the 1960’s however two gravestones can still be found.

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