Warden Point Battery & Chain Home Low Station

Warden Point Battery was built between 1914-1916, it had two 15 PDR guns installed initially. These were changed to two 12pdr guns in 1927 and a 6”Breech loader and a 12pdr quick firing gun in WWII. No remains can be found.

Warden Point Chain Home Low Station was opened in May 1941 when Fletchers Battery was being re-armed. It was built as a temporary station but became permanent in 1942. The station was designated as a counter bombardment battery observation post (BOP), to be used with existing BOP on site, it’s main job being plotting the positions of the e-boats in the estuary.

The Chain Home Station Low buildings have now fallen down the cliff edge due to erosion. Two of these can be found on the beach with the remaining two further up the cliff.

Designed & built by - Kevin Ali