Fletchers Battery

Fletcher Battery in Eastchurch was built in 1917 to work with Barton’s Point battery, their job was to protect Sheerness Dockyard from attack. It held two 9.2” breechloader guns in barbetted mountings, these were brought from Slough Fort at Allhallows. These emplacements are in good condition as is the observation post and magazine.

To the west of the battery the three machine gun emplacements can be found, these are circular pillboxes with two firing slits in the front. Each room is connected by a tunnel that would have led out to the gun battery itself, providing a covered way.

To the east is a later gun position, another 9.2” BL, added during WWII. There is a building next to this that has original shutters on the windows and a blast wall outside one of the entrances. This emplacement was built next to three machine gun emplacements from the original battery, two of these emplacements survive but have been bricked up.

A machine gun emplacement between the gun pits has been destroyed although the doorway to the access tunnel still remains. The low-lying magazines are un-accessible, as are the temporary cartridge and shell stores. A later magazine still remains, the soil that covered this has been removed and all entrances sealed. A spigot mortar emplacement can be found to the west of the battery. Also near by are the remains of the billets, there are five buildings on the access road that were used to house the soldiers that worked here.

The battery was disarmed in 1953 and all guns removed and scrapped a year later.

Designed & built by - Kevin Ali