Sheerness Heritage Centre

The Sheerness Heritage Centre in Rose Street is a timber framed, weather boarded cottage that was built in the early 19th Century for a dockyard worker. The cottage appears to be built with left over materials and with its two neighbours it has survived very well.

This cottage was once used as a chip shop and a bakers shop and was under threat of demolition in the 1970’s from its owner Mr Andrew Copland. To prevent this happening Swale Borough Council came to the decision to buy the cottages and renovate them to their former glory and let them, however the sale did not go as easy as was hoped. Mr Copland was very keen to have the cottages demolished so he could provide a car park for his clients at his High Street Solicitors offices, or so he could extend his premises. Mr Copland refused to sell the cottages so the council issued him with an order to repair the buildings, and then forced a compulsory purchase to make him give the cottages up. He refused this as the council were only offering him minimum compensation, however when he took the matter to court he lost the ‘right to buy’ application but managed to have the minimum compensation raised.

Two of the cottages are now residences, with the last one being the Heritage Centre. Sheerness Heritage Centre is full of authentic artefacts that represent the early years of the cottage, with one of the upstairs rooms dedicated to information ranging from old maps to newspaper reports and information on the sunken wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery.

Designed & built by - Kevin Ali