The electric Theatre

The Electric Theatre was opened in June 1911 at 150-152 High Street Sheerness, it was nicknamed ‘Tower Hall’ after its owner Mr Tower. The theatre was one of the first to show a hugely popular film ‘Perils of Claire’. When Mr Tower retired the cinema’s use was adapted and used as a dance and private party hall, later it was yet again refurbished and renamed the Cambridge Theatre which only lasted for two shows before closing.

Later Noakes Garage acquired the building aiming to use the lower floor as an extension to their motor show room I the adjacent building. Later still the lower floor was used as a bathroom store and named Bathorama. During the 1980’s the building was used to sell upholstery, carpets, bric-a-brac and other household equipment, the upper floor was used as a club by ex-servicemen.

In 1993, a year after the club closed and a week after the shop closed the building caught fire and was left gutted, the following year a planning proposal was entered and accepted to renovate the building creating two ground floor shops and two flats on the upper floor, despite the planning proposal being accepted the building was left in its burnt out and dangerous shape forcing Sheerness Magistrates to order the owner, Mr Howard Prosser to either renovate the building or demolish it. In 1996 Mr Prosser was fined £2,500 for owning a dilapidated and ruinous building after he ignored the orders to develop or demolish the building. The locals asked for the frontage of the building to be saved before demolition began however their pleas were ignored and the whole building was removed. The site has been left as a gaping hole along the High street reminding the older residents what was once there.

Designed & built by - Kevin Ali