100-Acre Mill

If you travel along the Broadway in Sheerness you may see, hidden between two large buildings, the base of 100-Acre Mill. The mill was constructed during the 18th Century, it was a small four storey mill with two pairs of stones and a dressing machine. The base of the mill was cement washed stock brick with a low stage, just 7 feet above ground. This mill never had auxiliary power installed with all power coming from the sweeps. During it’s life the owner, Mr Mckee, rented the mill to Mr Henry Ride. Mr Ride paid £130 per year rent to use the mill but after Mr Ride painted the outside of the mill Mr Mckee attempted to raise the rent by £10 per year. Mr Ride refused and gave up his tenancy.

Whilst the mill was without tenants Mr Mckee ran the mill himself, it was during one of these periods that two of the sweeps were blown off in strong winds. As the years went by more and more buildings were constructed near the mill, this reduced the gusts of wind needed to run the mill. Eventually tall houses, the Seaview Hotel and a new Catholic church, surrounded the small mill. After the completion of the Catholic church Mr Mckee attempted to sue due to the church blocking wind coming in from the east, the case was thrown out but even with the loss of the wind from that side the mill continued to be used for another twelve years.

The mill was eventually demolished in 1872 and the base used to store beer and wine for the adjacent hotel. With the closure, demolition of the hotel and construction of a block of flats on the site it unclear to what the mill base is now used for however it still stands with a new slate roof between the Broadway and the Beach, overlooked by the Catholic church.

Designed & built by - Kevin Ali