Sheerness Clock Tower

Sheerness clock tower was built to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1902. The foundation stones were laid in June 1902 with the cost estimated at £360, it was 36 feet tall and built of cast iron.

Originally the clock from the local council offices was to be used but didn’t fit. A new clock face was built with the old one being installed at Victoria Hall.

The clock tower has been repaired and repainted during Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver and Golden jubilees. In 2002 Whelans of Bluetown offered to repair the leaks and re-install the original light brackets for free, this offer was accepted.

Today the clock tower is believed to be the tallest cast iron clock tower in Kent.

Unfortunately due to people climbing the clock the faces are usually covered for New Year’s Eve, yet a lot of people still congregate here to see the New Year in.

Designed & built by - Kevin Ali