Building 86

Built around 1889, possibly by re-using earlier structures, and added to in 1900, this building was added to the head of dry docks 4 and 5. The purpose of this building is unknown but it is believed that during construction the shipwrights’ shed, offices and supplying kilns were incorporated into the building. The building is constructed of yellow brick with iron trunking with three sections. The southern section is off one storey with a slate covered roof and has wooden framed windows. The northern section is also of one storey with a slate covered roof with an additional louvre and similar two tier windows like the southern section. To the north of this section is a brick square chimney suggesting the building used steam power. The numerous differences in the construction of each side suggests they were constructed at different times and indicating that previous building may have been incorporated in the new building. The eastern section of the building is two storeys high and built of H-section stanchions and brick, the later built of the three sections.

Designed & built by - Kevin Ali